The trouble with falling

Some people are cursed with clumsiness but we all have clumsy moments. You could be walking along the pavement and suddenly trip on the curb. You could be walking down the stairs in flip flops and lose your balance. It’s normal to trip and fall and most of the time it can get a good laugh, but what about if you chip or break your tooth? As great as they are for smiling, teeth don’t function to break falls.

Emergency-Dentist-BedfontIn the unfortunate event that your teeth are compromised in a face plant, you might require an emergency dentist in Bedfont. At Dental Beauty Bedfont, we encourage patients who have knocked out a tooth as a result of injury or accident to be seen as soon as possible. Having urgent care means that you are more likely to preserve the remainder of the lost tooth and avoid further complications. In accidents where the whole tooth is lost, try to bring it to your emergency dentist in Bedfont. That way, your original tooth might be replanted like a flower bulb in the soil. Only with this, you won’t have to wait for your tooth to grow and hopefully, your gums aren’t made of soil.

All is not lost

Although it’s not always necessary to anticipate an accident, it’s important be in the know if you need urgent care from an emergency dentist in Bedfont. At Dental Beauty Bedfont, we try to make sure that patients with emergencies are seen on the same day. When you get here, your teeth will be thoroughly examined so that one of our dentists can identity any problems caused by an injury. You may need x-rays so we can observe the extent of the damage done. If needed, you can choose to have a local anaesthetic to numb the pain. After the injured area is cleaned to prevent the chance of infection, the damaged teeth can be replaced or repaired on a permanent or temporary basis.

If you ever think that you need urgent care from an emergency dentist in Bedfont, we at Dental Beauty Bedfont are more than happy to get your smile back on track.

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