Relax with dental implants

If you are thinking about having dental implants in West London, you are probably also wondering about much of an ordeal having them put in will be. The answer is if you come to Dental Beauty Bedfont: not much of an ordeal at all.

At Dental Beauty Bedfont, we understand that some people find visiting the dentist even for a check-up to be enough to induce a strong state of anxiety in their bodies. Such a state is called dentophobia. It’s a recognised phobia and there are ways to deal with it, so that you can get your teeth fixed without going through hell and back.

Dental Implants in West LondonThe treatment journey

In West London, dental implants do require minor oral surgery where our dentists have to drill into your jawbone to create artificial tooth sockets into which to insert the titanium implants. This sounds more ghastly than it actually is. Teeth are in fact far more sensitive, with more nerve endings, than the jawbone. We find that a local anaesthetic is plenty to numb the pain.

However, being told that dental implants in West London aren’t going to hurt is not enough, if you are a nervous dental patient. Your anxiety is triggered by things beyond facts, such as past experiences at the dentist, and reassurances alone may well not be enough to get you relaxed.

That is why we offer you sedation along with a local anaesthetic. There are two kinds of sedation: oral and intravenous.

Oral sedation

This comes in tablet form. You take the tablet about an hour before the surgery so that by the time we are ready for you, you will be nicely relaxed. You will still be aware, and you will be able to respond if we need you to, but you will float gently through the surgery.

Intravenous sedation

This goes straight into your bloodstream, usually through the back of your hand, and is more immediate and powerful than oral sedation. You won’t be knocked out, but you might well sleep through the surgery. We will be able to rouse you if we need to, and you might be groggy for a little while afterwards.

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