Nervous dental patients’ West London treatment options

Nervous dental patients can experience serious problems with their oral and general health, as well as with their self-esteem and confidence if their teeth fall into a poor state. Dental Beauty Bedfont in West London has worked successfully with many nervous dental patients, providing gentle, caring, respectful and professional treatment no matter what the cause of your fear.

nervous-dental-patientsMany nervous dental patients feel their fear compounded by additional anxiety that they will be judged by their dentist for allowing their oral health to fall into a bad way. At our West London clinic we will never judge you, no matter what health issues we may find – all we want to do is restore your mouth to healthy condition and help you keep it that way. We also believe that everyone deserves a smile to be proud of, and offer a number of cosmetic dental treatments to help you create the smile that may right now seem like a distant dream.

West London nervous dental patients’ treatment options

There are several routes back to oral health available at our West London dental practice. Our principal dentist is Dental Phobia certified, a recognised accreditation for treating nervous dental patients.


We have a qualified hypnotherapy team at our West London clinic, who can help those anxious about treatment by communicating with your subconscious mind. Hypnotherapy is also useful for people who have a strong gag reflex, who suffer from bruxism (tooth grinding), or who would like help giving up smoking. This therapy doesn’t stop when you walk out of the practice with healthy teeth; instead, you will be furnished with techniques to help you cope and maintain your health going forward.

Conscious sedation

Conscious sedation is different to the general anaesthetic you may have had if you have undergone an operation in a hospital. You won’t be asleep – so will be able to cooperate with your dentist as required – but will be in a deeply peaceful, relaxed, and pain-free state. Most people remember little to nothing about their treatment when it is complete, instead coming out of sedation with a healthy, happy mouth.

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