I want dental implants but I’m scared

Fear of the dentist is very common and can stem from bad experiences that our patients may have had in the past. No matter how severe your dental fear and anxiety may be, you can be sure that your dentist at Dental Beauty Bedfont will go the extra mile to help you to overcome your fears and put you at your ease as you are fitted with dental implants in West London.

You’ll notice the safe, caring and relaxed atmosphere from the moment you walk into our West London dental practice. Our staff are trained to the highest standards to ensure your dental journey with us is as smooth and safe as possible.

Dental Implants in West LondonSedation dentistry

We recognise that some of our patients will be more nervous than others when they visit the dentist and that not everyone can overcome dental phobia without some extra help in the form of sedation techniques. We offer safe, modern intravenous sedation so that you can remain conscious – but pleasantly relaxed – throughout the entirety of your dental implants in West London. Many of our patients don’t even remember having their treatment and some even say that intravenous sedation felt as though they had just simply drifted off to sleep.

What is involved in intravenous sedation?

Intravenous sedation is a sedative liquid injected into the back of the hand. It very quickly makes you feel drowsy and pleasantly relaxed, but don’t worry, you will still be able to co-operate with your dentist. This can help our patients gain confidence in the dental chair for their dental implants in West London.

Is it safe?

This technique is proven to be safe. You will be monitored throughout by an experienced dentist and the other members of our highly qualified team. Dental Beauty Bedfont has been established for over 30 years; this has been possible through our many returning happy patients who recommend us for dental implants in West London.

Can I benefit from sedation?

An assessment is required to determine your suitability for sedation as it can depend on several factors, but sedation is generally suitable for many of our patients.

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