How can dental implants improve your look?

Replacement teeth are no longer a poor substitute to the real deal thanks to dental implants. Losing teeth can cause a great deal of anxiety and often the task of wearing removable dentures can be an equally fretful experience. ‘Will they stay in place? Will this discomfort persist?’ are just a few of the questions that may run through your head. Modern dentistry has the solution for you: dental implants. West London is home to Dental Beauty Bedfont where we offer this safe, reliable, and long-lasting solution to missing teeth. So there’s no need to be nervous, Dental Beauty Bedfont is here to guide your through the journey to a brighter, more confident smile.

dental-implants-in-north-londonWhat’s so great about dental implants?

Dental implants are small titanium screws that sit in the jawbone, integrating with the surround bone. They provide a secure platform for replacement teeth to be fitted, removing the worry of dentures slipping out of place. If taken care of with good dental hygiene practices, as you would the rest of your teeth, they can last a lifetime too. With their natural look and feel, you may even forget that you have a dental implant!

Fitting dental implants in West London: what is it like?

At Dental Beauty Bedfont in West London, dental implants are fitted by our experienced dentists using clinically approved methods that have been honed over decades. At your initial consultation we will thoroughly examine your mouth to make sure we are aware of any dental issues before explaining how best to proceed, giving you lots of time to ask questions. The procedure itself can be carried out using local anaesthetic, however if you are worried about becoming overly nervous, dental work can be carried out under sedation. Our aim is to ensure your dental experience is as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

Act now and find out more

Missing teeth bring a host of dental health problems, such as bone degeneration, receding gums and further teeth loss. Dental implants in West London provided by Dental Beauty Bedfont, offer you a way to avoid all of this and bite, chew and smile with confidence again. Call us at Dental Beauty Bedfont and take the first step on the road to a healthier smile.

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