Get to the root of your missing teeth problems

At Dental Beauty Bedfont, we know that when you lose a tooth, it’s not just the white crown you are now without. You have lost the root of your tooth as well. There is a reason teeth come in two sections, and, believe us, what goes on below the gum-line is just as important as what goes on above it.

dental-implants-north-londonThe presence of tooth roots in your jaw is what keeps it healthy. Without the roots there, moving ever so slightly every time you bite or chew, your jawbone thinks it is no longer needed and starts to shrink.

This is why dental implants in West London can have such a huge and beneficial impact on patients. Dental implants replace the missing root as well as the tooth.

The lowdown on dental implant treatment

Implants are tiny screws made of titanium, a metal that has the amazing ability to become one with our bone tissue. In West London, dental implants are inserted into the jawbone during oral surgery under local anaesthetic. If you are a nervous dental patient, you can opt for sedation as well so that you can fully relax during the surgery.

Once the implants are inserted, you’ll need several weeks for your jawbone to heal. During this time new bone tissue and blood vessels grow around the implants, meshing with the metal. Once your implants are held securely in place, you will once again have a stable base that will be able to withstand the multi-directional forces produced by biting and chewing.

In West London, dental implants are fitted by our dentists to resolve the top six problem areas reported by patients. Implants can be used when all the upper teeth are missing, to replace missing back teeth, to replace one missing lower tooth or side tooth, and even to replace every single tooth at once.

The crown part of the teeth is handmade in a specialist laboratory to match the colour of your surrounding natural teeth. Or, if you are having all your teeth replaced and have a photograph of your smile, then they can be matched from these.

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