Emergency dentist in Bedfont during Covid-19

How to deal with emergency dental care during Covid-19 pandemic

It’s 2020 and we live very difficult times that nobody would have ever expected. Right now, it is not only the common fear of dentists which is probably to keep you away from them, but it is also the fact that we find ourselves in a difficult situation without having a clue about when or what will happen next.

Even so, here at Dental Beauty Bedfont, our specialists are ready to help when you will be in need of an emergency dentist in Bedfont during the Covid-19 pandemic. Most dental care services are limited to treating only toothache or trauma. It’s a tough period, but we try to do our best by continuously offering the best services for an emergency dentist in Bedfont. Don’t just try to toughen up and avoid something urgently, we assure you that we do everything which stays in our power to provide a very safe environment for every patient.

How can I recognize dental emergencies?

  • A knocked-out tooth
  • A fractured tooth
  • Severe toothache

It is very important that in case of emergency to come and see one of our doctors at Dental Beauty Bedfont and avoid any form of infection or limit the chances of complications as much as possible.

How can we help you?

Online emergency dental content

We provide very useful articles on our blog which could help you clear the mystery pain or problem that you might have without having to book a physical appointment and avoid any risk. You can find interesting subjects, guidelines, or tips & tricks for better dental hygiene.

Online consultations

In these times of Covid-19, we are ready to take online phone and video consultations to reduce the amount of time that patients spend during the practice and also to have a better understanding of the problem that you have and if that might be an emergency. Book a spot for a safe initial online consultation!

We also provide emergency consultations, so if you find yourself in such a situation, you can book an urgent consultation here and our team will be ready to help and follow up with your case.

We have included in the Covid-19 Patient Journey for an emergency dentist in Bedfont the following measures:

  • Patients must book from home non-urgent appointments;
  • One designated member of our team will work with your inquiry before you visit the cabinet and help with completing the pre-appointment paper forms and arrange prepayment methods. This will help reduce the number of patients being present at the reception;
  • Payments before a consultation can be made easily and securely online or by phone. It is preferable to keep cash payments to a minimum;
  • Aftercare and support are provided after every consultation to make sure everything is all right and as safe as possible to avoid any extra visits.

All of these safety measures that our team is providing will come with the responsibilities of patients. Don’t worry, nothing alien is going on!

The patients will be asked the following:

  • To come alone (please advise reception if you require a chaperone);
  • To keep personal belongings to a minimum, only what you consider essential;
  • To have a face-covering all times except during clinical treatments;
  • To wait for staff to welcome you inside after we assured the safety of the place;
  • To have your temperature checked by our team and use hand sanitizer as soon as you arrive and before you leave;
  • To follow the current social distancing guidelines whilst in the cabinet;
  • To request access to the toilets, rather than using without notice. This will help our team run properly before and after cleaning procedures.

Please read carefully all Covid-19 Patient Journey and Protocols before making an appointment for an emergency dentist in Bedfont. For full information click here.

For full list of Covid-19 adjusted fees click here.

We are here for each other in these most difficult times and we try to offer the best support and safest environment for all our patients. We are all looking forward to better times and to get together again! To know how to stay safe check also the NHS guidelines.

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